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         HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! DECEMBER 18, 2017

       -  We are pleased to announce a by three and get the fourth free promotion on all Generation II purchases!!!!!

       - Dear Valued Customers, Our most sincere apologies for not contacting you sooner.  As you know, we have not been able to                        fulfill any orders in the last three weeks. Reason being myself, my Operations Director, and the entire shipping department                          been stuck in bed at home due to a severe epidemic of the flu. We are pleased to announce we are recovering, are back in                        the office tomorrow, and are BACK ON TRACK!!! We will be completing all orders that we missed over the last three weeks and

         should be up to date by Wednesday evening. Please be on the lookout for tracking numbers on PayPal and remember to excerise

         patience while we get things back to normal. We know that you must be worried that you spent money and have not received any                communication, but bombarding us with calls and emails is only going to prolong our deadlines to send out your orders. We                        promise and assure you that you have not been forgotten, and that your orders WILL be taken care of as soon as possible.


        Please call 860-322-4089 in the event you have any questions or concerns regarding new orders, existing orders, and proper                   usage of our products Lastly, please remember to call Steve for any protocol information and don't forget to send us BEFORE and             AFTER PICTURES!!!


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   Painless Pumps Generation III contains 39% more Glyco Proteins and 10% more Sulfated Polysaccharides then it's predecessor (Generation II).  The combination of which will result in faster gains while strengthening your immune system;repairing your muscle tissue in the process. 

     It was created to be designed and produced with an emphasis on the experienced professional and amateur bodybuilding athlete.

Painless Pumps is a safe and painless alternative to Synthol that is accepted by your body because it is a synthetic copy of your own body's natural oils.  Unlike Synthol, Painless Pumps works with your natural oils and continues to work even after use. We are committed to providing a tested, proven product. This is not an oil that is made to be orally ingested (like other seos are). 

Generation III 

Safe. Natural. Revolutionary.

Sulfated polysaccharides boost yout immune system.
 Glycoproteins promote protein synthesis.

Synthetic synovial fluid approved by doctors for joint therapy.


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