train with Steve deluca

OWNER AND CREATOR OF PAINLESS PUMPS, former npc judge, official and national contest promoter, licensed nutritionist, and former national competitor

Steve will discuss your current fitness regiment, your diet,and your future fitness goals. His programs are designed to achieve your desired physique and while giving you confidence through the intellect you gain. Through his extensive expertise in bodybuilding, biochemistry and the endocrine system; you will be educated on effective techniques and exercises, diet choices, and his most recommended supplements.​​Phone consultations include:​​- ALL supplementation and diet programs- Contest Prep- How to properly use site enhancement oils- Fitness management​. Steve's goal is for you to retain enough knowledge in a week to feel confident and carry on your own....achieve significant gains. ***CALL 860-227-2561***


1 Hour Consultation:$125.00
​(includes developing a complete program from nutrition, supplements, diet and training.)​
Call to discuss arrangements, and more extensive protocols and inquiries.


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